Functional Neurological Disorders are mal adaptive responses of the brain causing areas of the brain to not communicate with each other properly, thus producing neurological symptoms, which are not due to a structural brain issue nor abnormal brain cell firing.  This is characterized by the presence of positive signs and/or symptoms which are inconsistent over time and/or incongruent with other neurological disorders or anatomy/physiology.

NPBTC treats these conditions using a multidisciplinary approach with neurology, psychiatry and physical therapy to evaluate your condition and determine the best treatment for you based on your personal needs.  Possible treatments may include some or all of the following based on your individual need: education, psychotherapy, possible medication management, and/or physical therapy, along with coordination and communication of care with other providers as needed.  We will all assess and treat neurologic and psychiatric comorbidities as needed.

The advantage of coming to NPBTC is that we have multiple different disciplines in the same office, which allows for seamless communication and coordination of your care for optimal results.